WiFi AC Remote

Wifi AC Remote

Wifi AC Remote is considered as the one which can control the AC by using wifi network. AIFA i-Ctrl smart home device is also known for wifi AC Remote as it can control the AC from anywhere, anytime all around the world using your smartphone.

It is the best solution to make a normal AC converted into a smart AC without any wiring or sensors or any other change in the AC. You just have to buy this smart home device which can make your AC converted into a Smart AC by just plugging the AIFA i-Ctrl in the power source.

wifi ac remote

Smart wifi AC Remote

Smart wifi AC Remote not only helps in making a normal AC converted into a Smart AC, but it also helps in controlling it from all around the world you just need a wifi connection at home and mobile internet on your mobile phone and you’ll be able to control all the functions which you used to do from the AC remote.

Not only this, but you can also schedule your device in just one click. Scheduling helps in saving energy as well as making easy to set a temperature according to your need which results in saving so much of energy which can even recover the cost of the product in just one summer season.

Make Smart Air Conditioner with Wifi AC Remote

Now, you don’t have to worry about the hassle to do at night by waking up and turning on and off your Air Conditioner. You can easily do it with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl which turns the regular AC to a Smart Air Conditioner.

If you’ll go to the market to buy a smart AC, it will cost you approximately 10k expensive then the regular one. But, just investing only Rs 4,500 you can make you AC Smart. Not only this, you can make all your IR Remote Devices Smart with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl and can start controlling all your devices from your smart and can make all of them wifi smart devices.

Voice Controlled Smart Air Conditioner

Yes, you read it right. It is not a dream. Now you can also voice control your smart AC not only via wifi AC Remote but also with your voice by integrating it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can easily connect it with any of the two with the steps mentioned here.

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Wifi AC Remote is the one which controls your AC from your remote while pointing towards AC.

AIFA i-Ctrl is the smart wifi AC Remote which can control your Air Conditioner from anywhere, anytime all around the world using your smartphone.

You can also schedule your AC through your smartphone and can configure its features according to your need.