What Smart Home Devices works with Alexa

Smart Home Devices works with Alexa

Do you forget about Switching off AC while leaving for Office..?

Do you find it difficult to take care of other IR Devices while Cooking..?

Fed up from too many remotes for controlling your devices..?

So why not use your Phone to control your IR Devices, from anywhere, anytime all around the World with the help of our official smartphone application.

Introducing AIFA i-ctrl, A Smart Home Device, which works as a Universal Remote and works with Alexa and makes your home a voice-enabled smart home.

Through i-ctrl, you can Operate all your IR Remote Devices like TV, AC, Set-top Box, Fan, Music Player, Lights, etc, by just using your smartphone right from your House, Office, or from any Outdoor Location.

Not just this. You can also voice control your devices after integrating i-Ctrl with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Example:- “Alexa, Turn on the TV”  Alexa, Change the Channel to 405.

Isn’t it unrealistic? But yes, it is true with AIFA i-Ctrl Now if you are thinking that Installation of i-ctrl will be a Techy Process, then you are Wrong.

Plugin i-Ctrl to a power source Use i-Ctrl App for the first time set up And Bingo, you are all set to operate all your IR based devices.

The Most Surprising features of i-ctrl are: it’s IR 360 degree angle device so you can place it anywhere in the Room.

You can Schedule different Devices according to you and can control your Child’s long term TV addiction.

The Best thing is, i-ctrl is Compatible with both IOS and Android.

You must be wondering it will make a hole in your pocket to afford one. But No, this smart home device will only cost INR 3,600

Make your home smart at just INR 3,600.


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