“Feeling sleepy and don’t want to get up from your bed to turn the lights off.?”

While lying on the bed surfing internet with my smartphone and feeling sleepy. I really don’t wish to get up to turn off the lights but with i-Ctrl i don’t have to leave my sweet bed as I can easily turn off the lights with the smartphone in seconds.

Smart Remote Control
Smart Remote Control

“Pre-cool your bed room before arriving in”

At night ,I always pre- cool my bedroom 10 minutes before I go to bed from my living room it helps me to sleep well.

“Make your home smarter than thieves”

One of our customer who is fond of travelling shared the smartest story with us that he always schedule his house light to turn on at night automatically just to make sure people think there is someone in the home and also schedule to switch it off in the morning to save the power too.

Smart WIFI AC Remote
WIFI AC Remote

“Keep your hands free and control all your home appliance while lying on sofa.”

Now I can lie down on the sofa and easily control all my home appliances like AC,TV,fan and even the ceiling light via smartphone on weekends.

“My negligent wife forgot to turn of the AC before leaving home.”

On my way to work this morning, my wife called me and said that she forgot to turn off the AC with i-Ctrl , I was able to turn off remotely while I was out too.

All in one Smart Remote Control

“Save your electricity bills during summers.”

Electricity prices rise in summer, Children often leave AC on while going out for playing. As a smart parent you can now easily manage multiple home appliances.

“My wife always kick me out of my bed and ask me to turn off the lights before sleeping.”

I really thank i-Ctrl for providing me the convenient life as earlier I used to get kicked out of my bed to turn off the light before sleep by my wife but now I can use i-Ctrl to turn off the light simple and easy.

Smart Remote Control