All in one Smart Remote Control to make your home a Smart Home

Smart remote control and Universal remote are always misunderstood; let us first clarify the difference between both with the help of the details below:

Smart Remote Control:

Smart Remote Control is considered as smart because it can control all the IR Remote Devices with the help of mobile phone. Not only this, but it also has the capability to control the IR devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world using the Smartphone.

Universal Remote:

The universal remote is the single remote which can control all the IR devices of the same brand.

Example: – Samsung’s universal remote can control all the IR devices like AC or TV but of Samsung Brand only.

AIFA i-Ctrl (Smart Remote Control) also allows scheduling the devices through its app which can help in saving power. It is also known as wifi ac remote.

Key Features of the AIFA i-Ctrl:-

  • IR Remote Devices can be controlled by your Smartphone Anywhere, Anytime,
  • All types of IR Remote Devices can be controlled,
  • Learning Feature, which allows learning the new devices which aren’t present in app,
  • 360 Degree wide angle allows controlling all the devices in a room.

To make you Home Smarter with i-Ctrl, ”Control my Life”, follow these simple steps given below:-

    1. Download the official AIFA app
    1.  Connect the device to power socket with the help of power cord.
    1. Do first time setup.
    1. Follow these Videos (
  1. This Process will not take more than 5 minutes to make your life smarter.

Now you’ll be able to control all your IR remote devices through your smartphone. Isn’t it amazing! Not only this, the best thing which makes this device a smart home device is that you do not have to be physically present in front of your devices and point your smartphone towards it. You can do this from anywhere, anytime all around the World using your smartphone.( 360 Feature)

Smart Home Solutions with Smart Remote Control

Smart home solutions are the one which makes your home smarter and your life simpler.

Our Smart home device does the same. AIFA i-Ctrl, “Control my life” is the device for home automation which makes your home smarter without any change in the wiring or new wiring or sensors but only with a power cord like the same from which you use to charge your Smartphone which doesn’t even affect the power consumption.

Following are some of the Smart Home Solutions which our Smart Remote Control Provides

  • Keep your hands free and control all your home appliance while lying on a sofa.
  • Helps to turn on/off the AC on your way; Anytime, Anywhere from your smartphone.
  • Save your electricity bills during summers. (Contact Us to know how)
  • Make your home smarter than thieves.
  • Schedule ON/OFF of your Devices.

Now with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl, Home Automation has become easier and affordable. The smart home solution provider companies which use to charge in lakhs for providing the smart control to the home, AIFA provides the same in just INR 4,500 and not only this you can even voice control your home with the help of Amazon Alexa with InfraRed Remote Operated Devices.

Product Features of AIFA i-Ctrl

  • Pocket-Friendly at just INR- 4500/-
  • Scheduling Feature
  • Learning Function
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android
  • IR 360 Degrees wide angle
  • Five or more devices are supported(Each Room should have one i-Ctrl)
  • All family members can control it.

AIFA India can help you create the smart home you’re looking for, with its smart remote control to get things started. But before you launch that new smart home idea, here’s a small and interesting checklist for your smart home.

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AIFA has made the dreams come true of many by helping them in making their home a smart home affordably. The features of this smart home device attract all.

We always care for our customers and try to provide them with the best.

  • Easy setup: – Stepwise setup videos are also mentioned on our product page.
  • To buy you can click here.

In case of confusion in setting up, you can contact us directly or can visit our experience room. You can easily find our contact information on our contact us page.