Smart Home Hub: AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Hub Works with Alexa


Smart Home Hub is a device which connects to the power source and makes your home a smart home without any change in the wiring or any sensors.

A Smart home hub has been in very high demand for making smart homes in India.

Real Estate sector is now getting their hands into the smart home hubs and creating pre-installed smart homes in India to make people buy the property easily.

Smart home devices are making the life of people easier and smarter.

Everyone wants to be their home smart nowadays.

Smart Home Device AIFA i-Ctrl is the best in giving Smart Home Solutions in India.

The device can control all the IR Remote Devices like TV, AC, Set-Top Box, Fan, DVD Player, etc. from anywhere, anytime all around the World using Smartphone.

This Smart Home Hub doesn’t require any change in wiring, you can simply plug it in and it is all set to make your home smart.

Smart Home Hub Alexa

AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can even voice control your devices by integrating this smart home device with Amazon Alexa.

Isn’t it awesome? Now, you can easily get Smart Home Solutions in India with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Hub.

Take a step forward in making your home a smart home now and voice control it.

It comes with 1Year Warranty which means you do not need to worry about any technical problem of the product.

The installation is super easy and you can setup it easily by following the videos here.

Make your Home a Smart Home with AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Hub at just INR 3,600.

There are many amazing offers available in buying multiple devices for your home.

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