Affordable smart Home Device for your Smart Home.

Smart Home Device in India

Smart Home Device in India is the future. Everything is getting automated so does the homes. People nowadays are in the search for convenience and luxury rather than anything else in this world. Everyone loves to make their life simple, easier and modern according to the time. The world is evolving to the new technologies and entering into the possible world of impossibilities. Has someone ever imagined at the ancient time that people will be able to communicate through wireless cell phones or even the world will become so small and connected with the help of the internet but it does happen.
Affordable Smart Home Device in India with a flavor of smartness.
AIFA i-Ctrl the affordable and smart home device is launched by AIFA Tech. India and further tied-up with Indian Company Sparrow Electronics.

AIFA i-Ctrl – The Best Smart Home Device in India

The life which you used to see in Billionaires home isn’t a dream anymore for you like the all-new AIFA i-Ctrl is the best affordable IOT Smart Home Device in India which costs you Rs 4,500 and through which you can control all your IR Remote Devices from your smartphone anywhere around the world.
This all new technology is the one for which you don’t have to be a millionaire and anyone can afford this smart looking and smart functioning all in one remote control device. Now make your home a fully automated smart home through our AIFA i-Ctrl smart device and forget the challenge you used to face earlier to find your remotes and make your smartphone the all in one remote and control all your devices from it only.
Usage of this Smart Device is just like a cake walk

The best part of this i-Ctrl is that it is very easy to use and setting it up is really hassle-free,

Follow the simple steps, to begin with, i-Ctrl

Plug it into a power source.
Download the i-Ctrl app from your IOS OR ANDROID smartphone
Setup it for the first time.
Last is to configure your IR remote controlled devices on the app.
Now you’re all set to enjoy the future technology and converting your home into a smart home.

The world is transforming into Home Automation. Let’s Begin.
Home Automation is the coming future of this century. The world which you’ve never imagined is going to change everyone’s life.
IOT (Internet of Things) is going to be the one, on which all people will be dependent in the near future. Now, the convenience which you used to dream of is going to be real now. You can now able to control all your IR remote control devices through your smartphone with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl
It’s time to make your home Luxurious and Affordably smart
People spent lakhs making their home, fully automated and even after it becomes a headache for them to operate it as it becomes full of hassle and complications.W hat is the point of spending so much when you can just spend a little amount and create your home a full Smart one with AIFA i-Ctrl. The world is becoming smarter why don’t you make your smart home a part of it?
Take the right decision now and flaunt in front of your relatives by making them wonder by showing them the magic of AIFA i-Ctrl.