i-Ctrl schedule setting questions

i-Ctrl has a built-in comprehensive database for many brands, these codes have been accumulated over 25 years. Therefore, any brand name home appliance (TV, set-top box, DVD, AUX, cool air) that is in i-Ctrl's database can be used for scheduling function. An easy way to upgrade your home appliances.

After setting the schedule, i-Ctrl will automatically send the code. During this period, please avoid using the remote control, or the APP to control the home appliance you've set a schedule; because when you set the schedule and then immediately control it, the status of the schedule may be wrong. In addition, when you set the i-Ctrl’s schedule and the air-conditioner’s timer at same time, the schedule function must be different from the state you expected, because the current air-conditioner itself does not have a feedback mechanism, so the schedule will be affected. Therefore, to have better experience, please avoid using the original remote control or the APP to control, and also avoid the devices’timer function when i-Ctrl is scheuled.

No, after setting the schedule successfully, even if the mobile phone is not connected to the network or keep the APP on, the i-Ctrl can still be used.