i-Ctrl other questions

One i-Ctrl can pair with 10 mobile devices and supports 3 mobile devices to use simultaneously.

i-Ctrl shares the similar concept as universal remote control. Although we have comprehensive database that can apply to 95% of the home appliances' remote control, however, it is still not 100% of the remote control codes can be found. To resolve this problem we also provide you the learning function, therfore you are able to learn the function you would like to use to control. Please refer to the user manual for more detailed learning instructions.

At present, the mobile APP includes five home appliances interfaces with TV, air-conditioner, set-top box, DVD player and AUX, and also has the sixth interface for learning function. For now the APP can not increase or decrease the page as user requested. The scheduling function supports all five home appliances user interfaces but learning function interface.