i-Ctrl first time setup questions

Pleasetake a look at the blue LED light inside i-Ctrl and check its status whether it is flashing or not and refer to the list of "i-Ctrl lights problems" for more information.

Please refer to the setting procedure in the manual.“Clik Here to download the manual in pdf”Please note that first time setup requires you to connect your smart phone to your WiFi environment. Choose first time setup in the APP and enter Wi-Fi password. After entering the Wi-Fi password, use the paper clip in the package to touch the setting button under i-Ctrl, and then press the connection. At this time, the blue light is off. If the pairing is successful then the blue light will light up again and stay on (if the blue light is not lit after the pairing is successful, please re-plug the power). Finally, click “Connect” to enter the devices control interface.

Please note i-Ctrl can not support 5G router for the first time setup, you must turn the 5G off first in order to set up i-Ctrl.
In addition, if the Router sets hidden SSID, i-Ctrl also cannot be setup successfully, please unhide the Router SSID first and try the setup procedure again.
After the first setting is completed, you can connect to i-Ctrl even if you hide the Router SSID.(You can ask customer service of your Router supplier for more detailed information and set up manuel, ex. how to unhide and hide the SSID, how to turn off the 5G function and use 2.4G only.)