i-Ctrl code setting questions

Please swipe to the air conditioner user interface, click the gear button in the APP to enter the code list, choose your brand from the brand list. Make sure the air conditioner is off, and then click the codes successively until air conditioner turns on. If there is no response after the code is sent, please try the next code again. When you can turn on your air-conditioner, you can press “Finish” to complete the setting and start to control your air conditioner.

Please select the gear button in the APP (TV, set-top box, DVD, AUX user interface) to enter the brand lists, choose the brand you have in the brand lists. Please turn on your home appliances first, and then click the codes in the code list successively until your home appliances turns off and then press confirm. Now you can start to control your home appliances. (*When you are trying each codes, the appliance might requires some response time, please wait for one or two seconds after pressing each code.)

There are two types of search functions: brand search and search all. If you know the devices’ maker, it is recommended that you use the brand search to be more accurate; if you can't find the applicable code, please use the search all. (Because each device has different reaction time, it may search for the setting code successfully, but because the TV has not been turned on, the next code has been selected, causing the user to think that it cannot be set).

If you follow the instruction and executed correctly but still cannot control home appliances, maybe is the problem of placement. Please refer to the "Space and placing problem" instructions.