AIFA i-Ctrl


  1. Easy to Install:- You don’t require any technician or sensors and wiring to install it. Buy AIFA iCtrl to make your Home a Smart home easily.
  2. Scheduling feature:– It comes with a Scheduling feature where you can schedule all your IR Remote devices according to your convenience.
  3. Energy Saver:- Through the scheduling feature, you can save energy and can recover the cost of the product in just one summer season.
  4. Learning Ability:- It has the learning ability which allows you to integrate any of the IR Remote Device through its smart learning ability.
  5. Compatibility:- AIFA i-Ctrl is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones which makes it more convenient for its users.
  6. IR 360 Degree Wide Angle:- It can be kept anywhere in the plain and safe platform in the room from where all the devices can be controlled without any interruption.
  7. Alexa and Google Home Enabled:- AIFA i-Ctrl can be easily integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home which will allow you voice controlling your devices.


Buy AIFA iCtrl Smart Home Device and start controlling all your IR Remote Devices from Anywhere, Anytime all around the world using your Smartphone. The best Smart Home Device which doesn’t require any wiring or sensors. Just Plug it in and do first time setup with your smartphone using our official app AIFA i-Ctrl and you’re all set to control your devices. It is a type of Universal remote which doesn’t require any specialization or technician to get it installed. It is also Alexa enabled which helps you in Voice Controlling all your devices.

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