How to Make Your Home a Smart Home?

AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Device

Smart Home is the home which makes life smarter and easier. The concept of Smart Homes are easy, the device which can help you in a way to make your everyday tasks simple and helps you in giving you your own space.

The all-new AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Device fulfills the desire of having a Smart Home that too at a very affordable cost of just INR 4,500 by which you can make your Home Smart.

AIFA i-Ctrl can control all the IR Remote Devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world through Smartphone. It is so simple to set up the Smart Device which doesn’t need any wiring or sensors as well.

You can install this smart device by using 3 simple steps:

1. Plug-in i-Ctrl to the power source.
2. Install our official app on your Smartphone.
3. Setup all your devices in the app.

Smart Home Device buy online AIFA i-Ctrl
And you’re all set to make your home a Smart Home.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home Enabled

AIFA i-Ctrl smart home device doesn’t only control the IR remote devices through Smartphone, but can also be controlled through your voice after integrating it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

You just need to follow simple steps mentioned in the video here.

Now you can voice command your IR devices which is a one step ahead of living a smart life in a smart home.

WiFi Universal Remote

It works as a universal remote as well. If you’re fed up of controlling too many devices by using too many remotes then you’re at the right place.

You can use AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Device as a Universal Remote as well which will integrate all your remotes in your Smartphone.
Not only this, you don’t have to spend on batteries now.

Smart Remote Control with Scheduling Feature

The capabilities of the Smart Remote or Smart Home Device are still not over yet. The feature of controlling all IR devices from anywhere anytime is something really amazing and voice controlling your devices makes it even more fascinating.

But not only this, but you can also schedule your IR devices according to your need.

The scheduling feature will help you in scheduling multiple devices according to your need which will help you in saving electricity and reduced electricity bills.

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