Make Your AC Smart with AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Device


What if your AC can make your Home Really Cool before you Entering your House..?

Yes, it’s Possible if your AC becomes Smart.

AIFA i-Ctrl converts your AC into a Smart AC by which you can control your AC from anywhere anytime using your Smartphone.

You can also schedule your AC according to your need which will help you in saving energy and result in low electricity bills.

AIFA i-Ctrl is compatible with all the AC brands available in India which is easy for making smart homes in India.

Make your AC smart now

Moreover, with the help of this smart AC Remote, you’ll be able to schedule your AC for ‘n’ number of times.

For example: – If you start your Air Conditioner at 9:00 PM at night and it stays ON till 6:00 AM in the morning. You can schedule your Air Conditioner to increase/decrease the temperature every hour or so according to your need which can help in saving energy and will result in lowering down the electricity bills.

It doesn’t only work as a Smart AC Remote, but also works as a Universal Remote which can control all IR Remote Devices from anywhere, anytime all around the World using your smartphone.

Moreover, it can be voice controlled if integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The Smart Home Device AIFA i-Ctrl can be purchased at an affordable cost of INR 3,600 which can make your room smart and your life easier.

The installation of this Smart Home Device is also very easy. You do not have to make changes in wiring or switchboards and you don’t even have to install any sensors.

AIFA i-Ctrl just needs to be plugged into the power source and should be set up on the smartphone with the help of AIFA’s official mobile app available for both IOS and Android.