No Qualification or Training required for Smart Home Device AIFA i-Ctrl

Smart Home Automation without any minimum qualification.

Now get the best smart home solutions for your smart home and the good news is it is easy to install and setup for the first time that you do not even have to be much qualified to operate this smart home automation device named as AIFA i-Ctrl.

Most of the people use to believe that it’s strenuous to use the smart home devices but we are glad to take the pride of saying that we’ve broken down the myth of what people used to believe as our smart home device AIFA i-Ctrl is the best smart home device which can be easily operated from anywhere and anytime around the world without any state of complexity.

Home Automation without anybody’s help or training.

It is very well said that we are the self-doctors of our body but you can be the self-smart owner of your home too if you can make your home a fully automated smart home automation without the help of any technician. You can simply just follow our first-time setup instructions from our website and can completely set up your home to a fully automated smart home for yourself.

The Drawing room is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history. It’s your responsibility to make the memories engraved in the most efficient way and you can opt for a smart way for it by setting up of AIFA i-Ctrl as it’s really simple you just need to have one continuous power supply to the smart device and your smart home and a Wifi connection as it is a wifi controller which works with the help of internet connection and then it’s done and time to cage your memories for lifetime by making our device the smarter member of your smart home.

IoT (Internet of Things) – Future of Smart Home Automation

The word IOT seems to be very complex and create an image in the mind that it’s strenuous for a common man to set up. But when people come to know that they just have to plug in and perform only simple activity for the first time, they really get stunned that how can this smart looking device be so smarter that it doesn’t even kill our time in reading out the manual for the setup or to go through the hassles and complications for setting up.

Smarter & Affordable Smart Home device till now.

AIFA i-Ctrl the Smart Home Device doesn’t only make your home fully automated but pocket-friendly also with its affordable smart home device

Who do you think have ever thought of introducing such a smart looking and smart performing device that too for such an affordable cost.

Guess what?

AIFA i-Ctrl costs INR 4,500 only per product!


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Which is way too lower if compared to other Smart Home Devices.

Smart Home Control With your Voice

Do Not Believe? Yes! This is true. You can also control all your IR remote control devices if AIFA i-Ctrl will get integrated with Amazon Alexa. You can easily order Alexa by just asking what to do for you and you’ll get astonished by just seeing the magic which i-Ctrl will do with the voice.

Yes, you are not Dreaming, neither we are talking something super non-natural.

This all is for real now. But yes in this much cost is something which makes people hard to believe.

The product also has the learning ability which means if any of the IR remote control devices is not listed in the application, then you can easily use the learning ability of the app to just store the information to operate that device as well.

All Thanks to AIFA Taiwan who has more than 25 years of experience in the IR codes and by this they have made this impossible thing come true in the real world out of imagination through their hard work and dedication.

Welcome the smartest member of your home for senior citizens
Smart home automation systems can provide homeowners with three huge benefits: convenience, security and energy efficiency. When a system is installed – and especially when it’s hard-wired – it can serve as a strong selling point to entice buyers.
Smart home innovation is very helpful for seniors living at home. Beside wired ready frameworks for security, there is an assortment of different choices that seniors may discover significant.

For some seniors, it very well may be a test to find remotes. In the house, there is a scope  of a blissful living if you provide it with dignity and smart living as a new smart member of your home in the form of AIFA –i-Ctrl