A Smart Home Device to fulfill all your Requirements.

Best Smart Home Device to match all your requirements.

The smart home devices are often considered as the one which can make home smarter and life easier for you. But the AIFA i-Ctrl is the Smart Home Device which is best suitable for all the places like Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Coaching Centers, Conference rooms etc. etc. This one compact flying saucer look-alike is as smart as its looks are. This affordable gadget costs INR 4,500 only, which can make any place smart and easily controllable from your smartphone from any time, anywhere around the world.

Smart Home device for Hotels

Smart Home ControlNow do not just attract your guests from your luxurious rooms and it’s a presentation but also grab their attention and make them your loyal customers forever with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl. Install this Smart Device in each of your hotel room and help your guests to enjoy their vacations in full relaxing mode by controlling all remote based devices from their mobile phone. No more a hassle now to search for remote for each device separately when our Smart Home Device can become one in all remote controller.

You can also attract your visitors by integrating AIFA i-Ctrl with Amazon Alexa which can result in controlling all the remote operated devices from anyone’s voice.

Smart Home Solutions for Hospitals

Hospitals are the place where people do not want any difficulty and want patients to relax and recover as soon as possible. Smart Home Solutions in IndiaSometimes due to the rush, doctors and nurses are not able to focus on each of the patient separately which may cause an inconvenience to the patient and may result in negative feedback. With the help of AIFA i-Ctrl, patients can easily operate all the remote based devices from their mobile phones and their voice also which can make the responsibility lesser for nurses to every time go and search for remotes for their patients.

Smart Home Automation for Offices

Smart Control

It may sound weird at this moment but yes it is true that offices can also be made smarter with AIFA i-Ctrl. Now impress your office visitors and your clients by showing off your Smart control on your devices that too at affordable cost.

Let the receptionist control all the devices in the office by sitting on his/her comfortable chair only with the help of the smartphone which can easily manage 5 or more devices at the same time.

Smart Home Solutions for Coaching Centers

Many times it happens that students in coaching leave the room with AC and lights on which causes electricity wastage and results in high electricity bills.

Now do not let this happen with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl which can easily control all IR remote devices from the smartphone from anywhere, anytime all around the world.

Keep your control on all your IR devices of the classrooms and let the students feel the excitement of studying in the Smart classes.

Smart Home Control Device for Conference Rooms

AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Automation DeviceMake your presentations and pitches not just informative but smarter also with our very own Smart home device AIFA i-Ctrl.

You can easily control all your IR remote devices with your voice once this smart device will get integrated with Amazon Alexa. Now you can order all your remote based devices through your voice while your presentation and can also order your projector to change the slides through your voice.

Grab your clients through your smart pitches with this Smart Device for office automation.

AIFA i-Ctrl is the best device and the Smart solution for all types of requirements. It is the one and only smart home device in India which doesn’t require any type of wiring or sensors. You just need to plug it in with its cable and have to do first time setup and you are all set to operate your IR remote devices smartly. Time to get smarter with the change in revolution and get into a new world of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and welcome the future at your place by shaking hands with the smart evolution in today’s world.