Home Automation in Delhi

Home Automation in Delhi - Make Your Home A fully Automated Smart Home

Control Your Home From Any Smartphone From Anywhere


What AIFA i-Ctrl Home Automation can Automate

DVD Player
Set Top Box
Music Players
Air Conditioner

Smart Home Device - Simple to Set Up & Use

AIFA India Smart Home Automation

Plugin i-Ctrl and connect to a power source

Use i-Ctrl App for first time set up

Now you are all set to operate all your IR based devices

Best Smart Home Device
Best Device for Smart Home
Smart Home Devices India

Home Automation System

The Best Smart Home Device which fulfills all the requirement. Divine into the world of Home Automation from anywhere, anytime. Using AIFA i-Ctrl you can automate all your traditional IR remote Devices into the smart automated devices which can be controlled even through voice once connected with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. AIFA i-Ctrl introduces the best smart home solutions in India which allows people in India to make their home smart at an affordable price. Make your home smart now with AIFA i-Ctrl.

Home Automation System
AIFA i-Ctrl
AIFA Smart Home Device


Home Automation is Easy Now

Home Automation in Delhi is easy now. Automate your home easily without any wiring or sensors. The hassle-free automation for home by AIFA India is providing the best automation solutions all over the country. You can now simply control all your IR Remote devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world using your Smartphone.

Home automation in Delhi is suitable for all the needs to be it office, hotel, hospital, conference room, etc. It is becoming a daily need of the people and helping them to schedule their devices as well with the help of its scheduling feature.

Home Automation in Delhi is getting famous day by day as everyone wants their home to be smart and their lives to be smarter. AIFA i-Ctrl does the same by its smart home device AIFA i-Ctrl.

Now you will also be able to automate your home in Delhi with our Smart Home Solutions. AIFA i-Ctrl has made the life easier of many by automating their home at an affordable price.