The Best Home Automation Companies in India to Make Your Home Smart

Home Automation Companies in India

Home automation companies in India has become really easy now to search for and getting your home automated and converted into a smart home without any hustle. There is a huge list of home automation companies but very less of them can be really trustworthy and can even stand to your expectations of making your dream Smart Home in India.


Indians are getting really tech savvy and rapid increase in technological development all over the world tends most of the Indians to get into the IoT (Internet of Things). The concept of smart home devices is being loved by the people in India as it is helping them in making their homes smart and their lives simpler and even smarter which is the reason the startups of home automation system are growing very fast in India.

From controlling all the IR Remote Devices to changing the temperature of Air Conditioner and voice controlling the devices, the smart home automation companies in India have just taken the next step in making the life smarter and simpler.

The Home Automation Company in India has started its smart business from Delhi by providing Home Automation in Delhi and later on expand to provide these amazing services to all over India.

Home Automation Company – AIFA INDIA

AIFA India is one of the best home automation companies in India who has recently brought their startup in India and is already being loved by many due to its cost-effectiveness home automation with plenty of features.

Key People: – Mr. Rajinder Kumar

Founding Year: – 2018

Based out of  – New Delhi

AIFA India has introduced the smart home device AIFA i-Ctrl which is set to resolve the basic problems faced by every Indian and can be rectified with the help of this smart home automation system.

The name itself denotes that for what this smart device can be used for.

i-Ctrl “Control my life”

It can control all the IR Remote Devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world using the smartphone.

This smart home automation system is developed for making the general problems of the Indians resolved on their fingertips.

AIFA i-Ctrl is a Taiwan based product from the company AIFA Tech. Corp. which is a 25 years old company who deals in remotes and IR Devices.

With their intelligence and hard work from last so many years, they have encoded all the remotes codes from all over the world to the smart home device AIFA i-Ctrl and collaborated with an Indian company Sparrow Electronics to take the initiative of making smart homes in India.

Specifications of AIFA i-Ctrl

  • Size: 10.1 x 10.1 x 2.6 cm
  • Contains: USB power cable, USB power converter, User manual
  • IR control distance: 8m
  • WiFi control distance: No limit
  • USB cable length: 100 cm
  • USB power converter output: DC 5V / 1A

Wireless Home Automation in India

AIFA i-Ctrl is considered as the best home automation company in India as it is not only cost effective but also provides the wireless home automation in India.

It is very easy to configure the smart home automation system by simply plugging it into the power source and configure it by performing first time setup which is very simple and you can also follow the video tutorial HERE.

Best Home Automation System in India

Being one of the best and affordable home automation companies in India we provide the best home automation system in India which can help you in controlling all your IR devices from anywhere anytime all around the world.

The Smart Home Device can be used in multiple ways like:

1. Smart Wifi AC Remote:- AIFA i-Ctrl can be worked as a Smart Wifi AC Remote which can control your AC through your mobile phone and can be scheduled multiple times which can even result in low electricity bills.

2. Universal Remote:- AIFA i-Ctrl can also be used as a Universal Remote which will make your smartphone converted into a universal remote and you’ll be able to control all your devices through the smartphone in a single touch.

3. Smart Remote: – It can also be worked as a smart remote as you need not have to worry about so many remotes as your smartphone will be your smart remote for all your requirements.

4. Voice-Enabled:-  It can also be voice-enabled if integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and you’ll be able to voice control all your IR devices.


There must be many home automation companies in India, but AIFA i-Ctrl is the only company in India which provides a home automation system which can do many things that too at a very affordable cost.

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