Get Your Money Back from Smart Home Device in 1 year

The secret of getting money back is not like that we’ll be giving the money from our pockets Rather, you’ll be able to save the money from your Pockets.

And, the money saved after one year will be your returned money.

Money Saved is Money Earned.

Let’s explain this with the help of some graphical presentation.

The above-displayed graph approximately denotes that temperature with AIFA i-Ctrl can be scheduled according to the requirements which will result in less usage of electricity consumption and hence it will effect savings in electricity bill.

Summer Seasons are from April to October in which AC acts as a savior from the brutal heat.


Energy Consumed by 1.5 Ton AC

AC Running Time/Day

Cost(INR)/Hour Cost(INR)/Day Cost(INR)/Month Cost(INR)/ 7 Months
Rs 8 1.5KW/Hr 14 Hours 12 168 5040


Savings with AIFA i-Ctrl scheduling Feature:-

For each degree rise in temperature, the AC uses approximately 10% less power. In 2 hours time, the temperature at 20, 21 DegC, normal size room is cool enough. Once the room is cool, the temperature can be slowly raised to 25 DegC in the next 3-5 hours. During the night 25-26 degrees during summer should be comfortable for good sleep.

AC Constant Temp

Temperature scheduled from 19 Degree to 25 Degree INR 504 saved/month

INR 3528 saved in 7 months

  1. You’ll be able to save INR 3528 in 1 summer season which is the cost of the product.
  2. In the coming years, the cost saved by the help of scheduling feature will be your savings.
  3. If you’ll buy 2 AIFA i-Ctrl and use the scheduling feature for both, then you’ll be able to save more money.

Therefore, with AIFA i-Ctrl, you can schedule the AC as many times as you want with various different temperatures and at different intervals according to your comfort. You can even turn it on and off with the help of scheduling feature. As many times as you want. The scheduling feature of our smart home device is directly proportional to the savings of your summer season which might bring a big hole in your pocket.  Now it’s time to redefine your smart living and save your money which will eventually give you its fruitful return.

Note: Once scheduling function is set, please do not operate from Remote as it will disturb the scheduling function. Our Smart Home device becomes the Smart WiFi Remote for your AC.