Energy Saving Smart Home Device AIFA i-Ctrl

Home Automation is a part of our day to day lives and we presently have the ability to control nearly everything from our cell phones – from home security frameworks to excitement like music and motion pictures. AIFA i-Ctrl has made these tasks considerably less demanding.
But did you know that the addition of the smart home device, AIFA i-Ctrl can make your home more energy efficient and help you save loads of money over time?

Here  is how you can make your house an energy-saving smart home in India with AIFA i-Ctrl

Energy Saving Smart Home Device

The Smart Home Device AIFA i-Ctrl requires the battery even less than the mobile charger, it gets connected and consumes the power from the android charger and uses the electricity only when in use, so it doesn’t take any electricity additional bills of your electricity consumption.

It also doesn’t require any wiring or sensor to set up that’s why it is the best suitable smart home device preferred by many people as it is very hassling free and easy to use. All you need for setting up is the mobile app (IOS or Android) and the first time setup.

AIFA i-Ctrl makes your day simple by giving you control over your home lights. Like the other appliances, you can switch on and off your lights/ Ac and can also monitor your energy use and can switch off/on during off-peak hours or to save on utility bills.

Smart home technology has improved rapidly in the past few years. Use AIFA i-Ctrl to simplify your day-to-day life, save on energy and perhaps save a bit of money too.