Best Smart Home Device in 2019 under Rs. 5000

Best Smart Home Device 2019

Best Smart home device in 2019 will make you more smarter. Day by day and year by year the world is evolving towards the new possibilities and entering into the era of the smarter world with the help of the latest technologies.
The things which used to be so laborious and complicated years back and people used to do uphill battle has just transformed into a simpler and smarter life.
Nowadays, luxuries have taken place in everyone’s life and people want their life to be easier simpler and smarter and that’s what our all-new Smart Home Automated Device helps in Achieving at a very affordable cost.

Smart Home Device 2019 for Smart Home Solution

Aifa- i-Ctrl – The Best Smart Home Device 2019
The all-new AIFA i-ctrl has been introduced by a Taiwan based company AIFA Technology Corp. which further tied-up with the Indian company“Sparrow Electronics Delhi” and started new operations in India as AIFA India to cater to Indian customers.
i-Ctrl is the latest IOT technology which can control all the IR remote control devices from anywhere around the world and anytime, you just need a power source with the i-Ctrl and WiFi connection and 3g/4g connection to your smart phone.

Functions which Our Smart Home Device will provide you.

Special Functions
360° infrared– This function enables you toturn your living room into a smart home with i-Ctrl’s powerful built-in infrared blaster design.
Schedule- Set personalized schedules such as Turning On, Turning Off, Temperature adjustment with different remote control button at various times of the day to suit your needs.
Macro– Create unlimited one-touch activities that group devices into customized experiences.
Learning ability– i-Ctrl can control almost all devices and if any IR device is not saved for action. It has intelligent learning ability feature which can also control your new IR device.

Advantages of Having a Smart Home Device

It’s the Golden Age of Technology and it’s finally the time to live your automated fantasies like turning your lights off automatically…at affordable cost
Don’t you believe in home automation?
Well! before we start to explain the advantages of smart home control, repeat a few lines with us.
“ I have a fully automated home which will follow my command. Come on say it and believe it.
I have a Hand-free home.
I can control my IR devices with my phone.
It might sound like the fantasy, might like a millionaire or a luxury living.
And, Guess what???
You are Right!!!
Fully Automated Home

Following are the Detailed Advantages of Smart Home Device.

  1. Can turn off the the AC after leaving home also with the help of your smart phone.
  2. Sleep well and Pre-cool your bed room before arriving in automatically.
  3. Can turn off the light while lying on your bed
  4. Save your electricity bills during summers (Well it’s a trick for that you need t purchase i-Ctrl :p)
  5. Schedule your favorite TV show and don’t miss it again.
  6. Don’t let your pet face the brutal summers, control the Ac even when you are not at home.
  7. Let your baby sleep little more with the AC cool and the best thing is you don’t have to be around always you just need I-ctrl and your smart phone.
  8. With the growing age oldies find little difficult to find the remotes for the daily activities such switch on/off the lights, TV, Ac’s etc. Aifa i-Ctrl has finally made it as a cake walk you just need your smart phone and the smart home is under your control.

Affordable Smart Home Solutions

Good News is, it just cost INR-4500/-
Is it too expensive for your luxuries, automated, smart and own controlled home?
If you still doubt, then I must say……
Plan a Live Demo Now.
The Future of Home Automation
Home Automation technologies are becoming the new friends of human beings and therefore, people are also becoming tech freaks and consider smart home control to be the basic necessity in their lifestyle.
Smart Home devices in 2019 are the new innovation in technology. Now, apart from the imaginery world that you earlier use to think of operating all your devices by sitting in one place, you can do it in the real world.
Yes, pinch yourself as you’re not dreaming and this thing is for real now.
You can control all your IR remote control devices no matter where you’re even at home, in your city, or anywhere in the world through our product AIFA i-ctrl best smart home device in 2019. People who have used this product has become addicted to it and can’t even imagine their life without it and they still wonder how people are surviving without Aifa- i-Ctrl
Head to our Testimonial Page to know more about customers review.
At last say it with me.
No more a hassle for remotes for IR devices.
Now my smartphone can be the all in one smart home with AIFA i-ctrl.

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