About Us

AIFA i-Ctrl

Introduction of AIFA

AIFA Technology is a world's leading supplier of remote control (IR) and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Our excellent engineers have accumulated abundant experience to offer customers with reliable products, including WIFI and Bluetooth remote controls. With 25-year experience specializing in the field of designing and producing consumer electronics in Taiwan, our products have been successfully sold in Japan, Germany and around the world.

Collaboration of AIFA with Indian company Sparrow Electronics

With 25 years of experience in the universal remote control market. AIFA has finally collaborated with the topmost Indian company sparrow Electronics based in New Delhi with the Smart Home Device AIFA i-Ctrl which helps to control all your IR remote control devices from anywhere, anytime.

Evolution of AIFA i-Ctrl

Founded in 1993, AIFA Technology is a full-service IR / RF wireless electronics manufacturing company.Over the last two decades, we haveestablished AIFA asa key enabler of Internet of Things (IoT) that using Bluetooth and WiFi transfer to IR. We accumulated IR codes which supports almost all brands of home appliancesto meet and exceed our customer's needs, and make your life a lot easier and simpler.

Our Values


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers

Service Oriented Company.

We try to delight our customers.

Transparency with Customers

We do not take any personal information of our customers.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to provide customers with excellent quality of products and services remote control and services that meet or exceed their expectation.


Our mission is to manufacture products to meet the exact requirements of customers from small industries to individual units.


Our vision at AIFA Technology Corp. is to create affordable IOT products for our customers all around the world.

What We Do?

We produce products for many well-known brands in Europe, Japan, Egypt, Turkey and other countries. We also provide efficient manufacturing services as following.

¡´ OEM / ODM Remote Control

  • Wifi Remote Control (our own designed ios/android app)
  • Universal Remote Control for Air Conditioner.
  • Universal Remote Control for TV, CD, DVD, DVB, STB, SAT, CBL, Audio devices.
  • (Universal) Remote Control for Light, Ceiling Fan control module (transmitter and receiver).

¡´ OEM / ODM Consumer Electronics

  • IR Wireless Speaker
  • IR Sensor LED Night Light
  • IR Sensor Visitor Chime
  • 2.4GHz Transceiver
  • Rain Alarm
  • Battery Tester (no battery required inside, patented)
  • Key Finder
  • Car Inverter

About Product


Owing to experienced IC software design ability, we have been working on several projects with well-known consumer electronics groups and chain stores in Europe, Japan and USA and last for years. We are dedicated to one result that no stone unturned to achieve our goal of customers satisfaction. We are hopefully creating a business relationship that will last for years to come. Leaving the client happy and fulfilled.


Industrial Design

Our industrial design services are grounded in research, and reflect a deep knowledge of market and manufacturing considerations.


AIFA is a proven supplier and partner with over 25 years of manufacturing experience. We can build high quality, reliable, and cost effective products.


AIFA has been an leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of wireless remote control and consumer electronics since 1993.

PCB Design

Our engineering team has significant real world experience designing PCBs for performance and manufacturability.

SMT Service

We are an experienced SMT assembly house. We have been assembling SMT designs for over 20 years now.

MICON Design

AIFA team of engineers have the expertise in designing a multitude of microcontroller based solutions, ranging from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontroller.

Software & APP Design

We have top mobile app developers who are highly skilled and updated with the latest technology trend.