Affordable Smart Home Solutions are often considered to be a burning hole in the pocket, and thus a fantasy to live in a smart home.
AIFA India by introducing AIFA i-Ctrl the best smart home device for home automation which has broken the rule of thumb, considered to have a direct relationship between the smart home and the cost smart home devices. Yes now you can control all your IR devices without splurging
Smart people like you can simply get the best affordable Smart Home Solutions in India which has been only originated by Sparrow Electronics from the genius minds of Taiwan.
There are worlds and more worlds below them, and there are a hundred thousand skies over them. No one has been able to find the limits and boundaries because your smart dynamic life can’t have any boundaries, rules, colors. As it’s like a religion. You can include everything inside the smart world within you.
A good collaboration of Sparrow Electronics and a 25-year-old Taiwan based company has pushed the boundaries of both partners to provide the smarter life for smarter India.
Let’s have a look at affordable smart home solutions which AIFA i-Ctrl provides with its smart home device.

Smart Home Solutions with i-Ctrl

Whenever the word smart home solutions come, the thought of having smart control on your home devices arises. The thought needs not to be a thought anymore as you can now control all your Home Devices from Anywhere, Anytime all around the World.
The best Smart Home Solutions System in India is just grabbing the attention of people in a fraction of seconds and getting a huge following by winning the hearts of many.

Voice Controlled Smart Home Solution

Surprised? Don’t be! Yes. You’ve heard it right. With the years of hard work and dedication, the IOT has just reached the level to make voice control happen for your smart home. You can easily voice control all your IR Remote Devices by just integrating AIFA i-Ctrl with Amazon Alexa and you’ll be able to voice command all your IR devices and blow away your relatives by galvanizing them your voice-enabled smart home.

Easy to Setup Smart Solution

You must be wondering what you have to invest a lot of precious time, skill and as well as the irritating installation process especially when you are not a tech freak person.
Let us cool down your heart-beats there is no, installation of AIFA i-Ctrl required it is as easy as the cake walk is. You’ll just have to plug the device in through the power cord and simply have to install the app and perform the first time setup.

USP of our Smart Home Solution.

  • Affordable Smart Home Solution at Just INR 4,500/- (incl. all taxes)
  • No Wiring Required
  • No Sensors Required
  • Both IOS & Android Compatible
  • Energy Saver

Affordable Smart Home Solution is going to be an essential part of everyone’s life in the near future. Who doesn’t like luxury and compatibility in their life? IOT (Internet of Things) is going to do the same by making life smarter and simpler for everyone. Like featured phones have replaced landlines and smartphones have replaced featured phones, smart home devices are the future that will be going to replace the traditional homes device with multiple remotes for various smart home devices. It is not just necessary but is a need and going to be the most important part of your life.

Smarter Life, Smarter You

Smart Home is not something that just adds on to the home décor, but it is indispensability which is going to help you more than any other smart technology and will become your best friend for sure. Be a part of the revolution of a smarter life and Smarter You before it’s too late. Smarter life doesn’t become smart only with stylish clothes and expensive gadgets it also includes the smart and unique way in which you live your life and the way you perform your daily activities. AIFA i-Ctrl does the same by simply making your home smart and your personality smarter.

All in One Remote Controller

AIFA i-Ctrl, the affordable smart home solution is an all in one remote controller which helps you in controlling all the IR Remote devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world by just using your smartphone that simply replaces all your remotes which results in no more purchasing of multiple batteries for remotes. The hassle of searching remotes for each device can vanish with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl

Now you can operate all your devices like you use to do from your remote by your mobile phone with the help of our affordable smart home solutions. From Turning On/Off to changing of channels, scheduling the activity, everything by using your Smartphone and for that it is not even necessary for you to be physically available near that device. You can perform all these activities from anywhere around the world but there is only one condition that you need to have wifi connection at home and internet connection on your mobile phone as the IoT technology works on internet so without the help of internet connection the activities can’t be performed as there needs to be required some medium for operating the device and internet connection works as that important medium.

Without thinking more, make this Smart Home Device yours today and enjoy living your Smarter and simpler life.