A Pocket-Friendly Smart Home Device that everyone must have.

AIFA India launched the affordable Smart Home Device in India. When we hear the name Smart Home Device or get into any conversation related to Smart Home Device, the first thing which came into our mind is the expensive, luxurious piece of creativity which only rich people can afford and it is also usual as people spend lakhs to make their home a fully automated home. Not only this, they have to get so many changes in their home which become so hectic for them as well.


Ever this thought came into your mind to live life just like rich people use to live with all the luxuries and fancy things they have? Obviously! It would have come many times but you might have ignored it as all the people do. Ever struggled or researched that you can also have the luxury that rich people use to have and that too for so cheap? Yes, you’re in the right place. You can have now the best smart home control with our i-Ctrl, Control my life and that too for just 4,500/- INR.


Now you must have the curiosity for asking so many questions. So let me clear you before you get confused that you need not to have to change any wiring or you do not have to get any sensor installed at your home. You just have to buy AIFA i-Ctrl, the affordable smart home device and all you have to do is to install the app on your Smartphone and have to do first time set up by following the simple steps and you’re all set to control all your IR Remote operated devices from your Smartphone from anywhere around the world anytime.

Features of AIFA i-Ctrl

• Using our mobile App interface connect via Wifi to the control box.
• Issued commands are sent out using IR signal to home appliances like TV, set-top box/MOD, DVD, Air conditioner, Audio and to other IR controllable devices.
• The APP has a built-in learning mode which can learn the infrared signals of devices like lamps or fans and then control them.
• The app is available to devices with iOS or Android system.

Specifications of i-Ctrl

• Size: 10.1 x 10.1 x 2.6 cm
• Contains: USB power cable, USB power converter, User manual
• IR control distance: 8m
• WiFi control distance: No limit
• USB cable length: 100 cm
• USB power converter output: DC 5V / 1A

Do not let this opportunity of having your home a Smart Home go away and get this beautiful device right now. The device doesn’t only look beautiful but is smarter as well. The best part of this device is you do not have to do any hassle to get this installed and even a child can operate it well. The beauty of the product lies in its excellent performance which has made unbelievable thing possible now. You can now show off in front of your friends and relatives by impressing them from your home which doesn’t look only neat and clean but is Smart as well.