Simpler and Smarter Life with AIFA i-Ctrl

AIFA i- Ctrl – All in one Affordable Smart home Device in India

This affordable smart home device makes your daily hustle easier with its smart use and latest technology which can be handled by any person it controls your AC, set-top box, lights, music player, fan, TV.

AIFA i- Ctrl is the smart kind of key to connecting every disparate smart device in the house together smoothly. It can make any traditional IR Remote Device converted into smart i.e., it is also called wifi AC remote.

It’s serious time saving for the homeowner when this smart automating trivial chores and tasks such as turning off the house lights or AC made so easy and smart.
It’s time to welcome your home into the world of Automation.

The Smart Home Device which even a kid can use easily

Setting up your smart home in India can be as fundamental as putting a savvy speaker in your lounge room, or as mind-boggling as a perplexing system of associated gadgets.

Truly, making a smart home is dependent upon you, and you can customize it to your level of solace.
AIFA i-Ctrl is so easy to use that even your kid can use it simply we do not believe in making rocket science for you all the control power is just in your hand with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl which is the affordable smart home device in India.
When your home has a smart device like AIFA i-Ctrl, there’s no need to worry about fumbling for your remotes when it’s dark or having to remote straight in front of your eyes for a pet sitter.

Today’s options solve your problems in minutes and give you convenience combined with peace of mind. Your Smart home deserves a smart upgrade.
“You can also see the instructions to use the Smart Home Device on our Product page.”


It’s annoying when you get up early and ready to kick out but can’t find the TV remote to turn it off, it really does piss off the mood that’s why AIFA i- Ctrl handles all your Remote based devices with just a single device so that you don’t need to take headache of finding a remote and you can begin your day with a good mood.

AIFA i- Ctrl is considered to be the best smart home device for you if you want to get rid of the hustle in the morning as you can also work with your office such as you can easily switch off the AC by saying “ Alexa switch off the AC.” And if you wish to start your day with your favorite song you can do that by just saying “Alexa play the music”.

Ever thought to live like this? I think you must have dreamt but now it’s time to live and make your life smarter than yourself.

AIFA i-Ctrl deliver smart quality for your rest time

We understand the problem a person face in day to day life so we are committed to the fullest to deliver you best quality which can vanish your little worries with just a single remote.
To help you start your smart home journey, or complete the technology-laden home of your dreams, we’ve launched AIFA i-Ctrl it’s affordable, yet stylish, with new fabric finishes to fit your home.

Your Smart and Simpler Life is our Gain

We never aim to stop your comfortable life though we believe to make it more of a comfortable life in this hectic place and for this, you can use your voice commands to light up your devices super quick through our Home Automation.
We aim to provide you with a Smart Home Control as gone those days when you used to hassle to search for your remote.
Now it’s time to enter into the world of advanced technology by controlling all your remote devices through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Be the part of transforming the world by converting your smartphone into one in all remote control and enter into the possibility of impossibility to control all your IR remote devices.
Setting up your smart home is easier than ever, but choosing the right smart home device to unify your devices and get them talking together is a huge factor. But as we said our gain is only when you are fully satisfied so we provide you with the option to try our smart home device before you purchase it.
You can schedule your trial at our demo room for details please visit our Contact us page.

AIFA i-Ctrl lets you automate your home and monitor it from afar. Ready to dive into the world of home automation?