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What AIFA i-Ctrl Smart Home Devices can Control

DVD Player
Set Top Box
Music Players
Air Conditioner

Smart Home Devices - Simple to Set Up & Use

AIFA India Smart Home Automation

Plugin i-Ctrl and connect to a power source

Use i-Ctrl App for first time set up

Now you are all set to operate all your IR based devices

Best Smart Home Device
Best Device for Smart Home
Smart Home Devices India

Best Smart Home Device

The Best Smart Home Device which fulfills all the requirement for smart home solutions. Divine into the world of Home Automation from anywhere, anytime. Use i-Ctrl to set personalized schedules with different remote control button at various times of the day to suit your needs. You can create unlimited one-touch activities that group devices into customized experiences such as if you are away from home you can easily turn off the TV, lights, air conditioner etc.

Home Automation System
AIFA i-Ctrl
AIFA Smart Home Device


Time to build a smart home

Start building your smart home with the help of our best smart home devices in India. Gone those days when you used to hassle to search for your remote. Now it's time to enter into the world of advanced technology by controlling all your remote devices through your smartphone from anywhere in the world and make it more compatible with Alexa and integrating it by your voice. Don't just decorate your home make it intelligent also and leave an impressive impression on your relatives by making your home fully automated and controlled through your voice with i-Ctrl.

Good news is you don't have to be a millionaire to make your home smart with our AIFA i-Ctrl. Make it with our smart home Control device i-Ctrl and flaunt the smart home to your guests and relatives and enjoy your hassle-free smart life only with the help of our smart device.